What is EEG Biofeedback or Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, through which the brain learns to perform more effectively and efficiently. During training we observe the brain in action from moment to moment, and give that information back to the person. The person’s brain is rewarded for changing its own activity to meet more appropriate patterns.

This is a gradual learning process. It applies to any aspect of brain function that we can measure. Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback, because it is based on electrical brain activity, the electroencephalogram, or EEG. Neurofeedback is training in brain self-regulation. It is biofeedback applied to the brain. Self-regulation is a necessary part of good brain functioning, just as self-regulation is a requirement for overall well being and socially appropriate behavior.

If a person’s brain cannot regulate itself properly, the person cannot regulate their mood, attention or behavior properly. Sound brain functioning is the foundation on which good behavior, mood, thinking and all aspects of human performance are built.

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